Saturday, January 4, 2020

Too Many Shoes?

My husband has always commented on how many pair of shoes I have.  I've tried to explain to him, my shoes, or the number of pairs I have, compare to his golf clubs.  It must be a man thing.  Because he just doesn't get it.
I thought I found a solution the would shut him up, even temporarily.  I started looking before Christmas for a shoe tree, or an over-the-door shoe caddy.  Something to organize my shoes, and get them off the floor in my closet. Hmmm, what is he doing in my closet anyway?
I searched until I found what I thought was the perfect way to store my shoes.  And while I was at it, I thought I would be nice, and find one for him too.

The two shoe caddy's came in the mail, but at different times.  I hung mine over the door in my closet, and proceeded to organize my shoes.  I stood back and realized I had lots more little slots to put more shoes.

When the caddy came for my husband, I tried to surprise him by hanging his over his door.  When I put his shoes in the caddy, I realized there was a little problem.  The weight from his two pairs of shoes wouldn't hold the caddy in place.  So, every time you open or close the door, you have to move the shoe caddy in order to close his closet door.

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