Friday, January 3, 2020

I subscribed to SendoutCards over 10 years ago.  One of the reason's I love SendoutCards is the convenience.  Several weeks ago I was waiting in a very long line.  While I was in that line waiting, I opened the app on my phone, and sent two cards; one was a birthday card, and the other a just because card. Once you have all your contacts listed on your site, with their name, address, birthday or anniversary, or both, you just pick out the card you want to send, add a few words of your own, and press send.  Your monthly subscription pays for the card and postage.  This is not a subliminal message to get you to subscribe to SendoutCards, but rather to subscribe to their philosophy.

This past week SendoutCards sent a text message inviting me to a "daily prompt for #The12DaysofGiving."  I wasn't sure I would be able to do that.  Everyone I know is busy, including me.  So when I first read the challenge, I wasn't sure I could do it, or even want to do it.

 The first prompt was to pay for the person behind you when you are in line for coffee, tea, or whatever.  I received someones' kindness a few years ago, and I still remember how that made me feel.  However, when I actually paid for the people behind me, it was a totally different feeling.  I knew that they would have no idea "who paid for their lunch." It was such an awesome feeling as I drove away that day remembering how happy I felt when someone showed me that same kindness. 

The second day prompt is called Neighborly Kindness...and reminds us that neighbors are a special one of a kind family.  SendoutCards included a link if you would like to send them a card to tell them how special they are and to thank them for all their help, just when you need it.  You can also just send them a note, telling them that very same thing.

I can 't wait for tomorrow's challenge. Giving does not have to be about anything material.  It can be as simple as just letting someone know you appreciate them.  Random Acts of Kindness, is something I want to incorporate into my life.  I want to let as many people as possible know the profound impact they have had on my life.  I want to start that now, not next week.  Life can be short, and in fact, we have no idea how long we can share that kindness.

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