Friday, December 31, 2021

You Can't Get Away With It!

Turning the last page of two of my devotionals, I had to make a decision.  Daily Guideposts, and Mornings with Jesus, are yearly, daily devotionals.  So when I turned the last page I had to decide what to do with both the books.  Do I put them on a shelf? Do I throw them away? 
The other three devotionals I read (Jesus Always- Thank you Pati, Streams In the Desert- Thank you Sue, Jesus Calling, My Utmost For His Highest) are all perpetual. So when I turned the last page, I moved the bookmark to the first page.
These devotionals have become an important part of my life, my mornings actually.  I start everyday with these inspirational "friends." 
My personal opinion is that it's important to start everyday with something positive.  I recommend surrounding yourself also with people who make you laugh.
My day was an ordinary day.  This has been a vacation week for me, so working,  laundry,  cooking, cleaning, and then I got the mail. return address, no note.....just a box full of packing peanuts....and a "gift."

At first my daughter tried to blame her brother.  I know my children, and she can't get away with it anymore.

I laughed out loud.  I showed it to a friend, she's still laughing.  So am I.

Thank you Julie Higgins!  You made your Mom's day! I love you!!!!


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