Friday, August 19, 2011

Stop Pushing the Buttons

My husband is a button pusher. It doesn't matter which remote he's holding in his hand. And I might add, if it's not working he just keeps pushing buttons. When he's on the computer, it's the same thing. He asks me to find a web site for him. I leave the room, only to be summoned back to aid him within fifteen minutes. I can hear him yelling from the other room, "this stupid computer....I don't like this new computer. I can never make it do what I want it to do."
This morning I turned on the radio in my office. Actually, I should say, I tried to turn on the radio in my office. He was sitting in here the other day, listening to it. I remember thinking I was surprised he turned it on, found the AM station he listens to, completely without my help.
When I wanted to listen to a few of the jazz CD's, and turned it on, it only played for about 15 seconds and turned off. I picked up the little remote and couldn't believe how long it took me to figure out what Mr. Button Pusher had done.
I came home from the hair dresser a few days ago. When I walked into the living room he said, "you know, I think that's the best your hair has ever looked, maybe since I've known you."
When she spun me around, after cutting my hair and blowing it dry, I didn't despair. I thought to myself, I can fix it myself.
The reason he likes it is because it had a "fifties" look to it.
I've had a re-make, picture below---just to please the Button Pusher.
What'd ya think?


Joylene Butler said...

I think your lovely husband is related to mine. Need I say more? Hahaha!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Ha ha! Yeah but do you have a poodle skirt?

Anonymous said...

This was so sweet!!!(LOL) Most wives would not be so kind!
I miss my poodle skirt!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Dale, The next time all of us are together, I think we should wear poodle skirts and saddle shoes! ha ha