Sunday, May 7, 2017

Don't Tell My Husband

For more years than I care to remember, I have made fun of my husband.  He thinks you can fix anything with duct tape and a hammer.  Just recently, I didn't share his enthusiasm when he learned you can buy duct tape in "designer" colors (his words)! Over the years I have never been surprised at his attempts to "fix" many different things with duct tape.  I seriously believe he thinks about duct tape the way I think about chocolate!
Yesterday I bought a ten-pound bag of flour.  I have a canister that only holds five pounds, so I opened the bag and attempted to fill the canister.  Something didn't seem quite right as I was pouring the flour into the empty canister.  When I stopped, I realized that somehow there was a long gash in the bag of flour.  I was dumping more on the counter than into the canister.  As I stood there looking at the flour that was now also on the floor, I realized what was happening.  I sat the bag of flour on the counter and looked at the side of the flour bag.
There was only one way to fix that huge slash in the bag, and not lose any more flour to the counter and floor.  I found one big roll of duct tape, cut off about 3 inches, added it to the ripped bag.
Maybe my husband has been right all these years about duct tape.
That's the part I don't want him to know...that he was right!

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Tammy J. Grant, LMT said...

Anything can be fixed with duct tape and zip ties will work where duct tape won't!!! (And, P.S. your secret is safe!!!) <3