Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Several weeks ago I had a routine medical procedure. When I woke up, however, I was coughing and choking. And I could not speak above a whisper. That's not a problem, normally. In just a few short days I had been invited as the keynote speaker at The First Reform Church of Tampa, women's retreat.
My hubby took me home, sat me in my chair and took care of me. As the day progressed, so did the pain. The only thing that did not change was my voice.
By three a.m. I was also sick from the excruciating pain.  I woke my husband and suggested he call the squad.  I was doubled over from the pain, and trying to convince myself not to be sick, and whispering to my hubby I would be okay. I will never forget the look on his face as they loaded me into the back of the ambulance.
Amid the confusion of the medic starting an IV and hooking up a 12 lead EKG, and the pain, I felt a little overwhelmed. I whispered a quick prayer to myself, "Lord, take care of my husband and what about the retreat? Should I get in touch with them and cancel---at this late date?"
It was at that moment I heard His voice. That still small voice I have come to know and love. He whispered...Trust Me.
I wasn't sure what that meant. Was He going to heal me? Or replace me as the keynote speaker? It didn't matter because I knew the Lord had everything under control. 
The morning I had to leave, my husband said, "talk to me, let me hear your voice." I spoke with that 'Kermit the frog' squeak. My husband said, "what are you going to do?"
I assured him, the Lord said, 'trust Me'. Besides, I didn't need my voice until 7:30 that night.
Not only did I have a voice that night (and the next day), I did not need or use a microphone.
The Lord did exactly as He promised. He healed me!
By Monday morning, 'Kermit the frog' was back, but I no longer needed my voice. My throat is still healing.
God gives us exactly what we need, when we need it.
Luke 9:11 but the crowds learned about it and followed him.  He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing.


Carol Garvin said...

What a scary experience! I'm wondering what happened in the period of time between loading you into the ambulance and when you left for the speaking engagement! Obviously there was some kind of complication following your 'routine' medical procedure.

Thankfully, it sounds like you're finally okay again. We don't always receive what we might want, but we can count on receiving what we need when we trust God. I pray you continue to be well and don't require any more unexpected ambulance rides!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

It was scary! I aspirated into my lungs during the procedure--the bile burned my throat-then the pain later that night was from a very bad urinary tract infection. They started IV antibiotics and sent me home with 2 prescriptions. My poor hubby became the care giver....I am doing very well...and as back to normal as I can be! lol
Love you my friend,

Bill Deb said...

Now I know the full story-why we all couldn't meet! Such a scare but praising God for His faithfulness! He is worthy to be praised! 💝💞💕

Kathryn Neff Perry said...


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I hear that voice too. Telling me in a soothing tone that everything will be okay. What a joy. Glad you're okay.