Sunday, January 13, 2013


Notice in the picture, only one of them is actually pushing the rock. I wonder if the other one is telling him, "keep going, you can do it?"
So many years ago, I sat listening to a sermon. The Pastor talked about using our "God given talents". I remember thinking, what talents do I have?
I'm a writer, but not by any means Erma Bombeck. I sing, but not like Whitney Houston. I don't know how to hold a violin. As I sat there, feeling more and more inadequate I realized I must be missing something from his message.
Sometimes I think I get more hung up on that kind of thing than I need to. The enemy loves that kind of inadequate we are.
A few weeks later I met with the Pastor about something unrelated, but had an opportunity to discuss that message. I'll never forget his words. "You are a listener and an encourager."
Listening and encouraging is what I do. It's not a gift? Is it? Apparently he thought so. For me, it's like breathing. I'm hoping people do feel encouraged when they come to me. Over the years I know I've been blessed after holding someones hand, or hugging them. Or doing what I could to make them feel loved and helping them face whatever mountain they were trying to climb.
There have also been so many people at the bottom of that mountain holding out their hand, encouraging me too. I guess that's what friends each other. 
And encourage them to Press on...........   


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

You are definitely a listener and an encourager. You comfort with a word, a tone of kindness. You are so generous with your time and effort. Never saying I'm too busy or can I get back to you. You, Katt, are a genuine caring human being who loves without question. What a true gift you are.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Your check is in the mail.....

Carol Garvin said...

Joylene has said it well. The person you are is a real gift! It's because of who you are that you do what you do. That's beginning to sound like a mouthful, isn't it? But it's true.

I like I Corinthians 12 in The Message, but any translation points out the huge diversity of gifts that God has given out to his people. Some sound impressive... even a little intimidating... but some are the simple gifts of trust and understanding, of listening and helping, and they are considered every bit as important as the others. So don't downplay what you do, Katt. You're invaluable to the people in your life who you touch with God's lovingkindness.