Monday, December 31, 2012


Three of the four daily devotionals I read are perpetual. This morning I only had to turn to the front and mark the first page. Except for Guideposts. I have a new 2013 book. So the 2012 devotional now sits on a shelf beside the other Daily Guidepost's I've collected over the years. 
As I sat this morning thinking about this past year, wondering what I can do to make next year better I reflected on a few things.
One of the memories which came to mind was a new Christian, one who had recently given her life to the Lord. She came to me smiling with joy in her heart and voice. She said, "I'm so happy I'm a Christian. Now only good things will happen in my life." I reached out to her and put my arms around her. I held her close a little longer than normal. Just loving her. Then I held her at arms length.
"I am so happy you found the Lord. Unfortunately, that does not mean "bad" things won't happen in your life." I went on to explain. "I just held you. I want you to remember me holding you. Sometimes we need to feel someones arms around us to remind us."
The look on her face reminded me I had to continue.
"I can't always be with you. When bad things happen I can't always be here to hug you. But you will remember I do love you."
She nodded.
"The thing I want you to remember is no matter what happens in your life, God will always be there holding your hand. And He always puts people in your life when you need them."
She looked sad. "I always thought the reason so many bad things happened was I didn't believe in Jesus."
I pulled her close again, rubbed her shoulder. "Just remember God is love. God is good. When you stay in the center of His will your life will be so much happier. When you are where He wants you to be you will feel the peace and joy He wants for you."
As I closed my devotionals today and prayed, I prayed for each person reading my blog. I prayed that each one of you would reach out to another person with love. So like the 2012 Guidepost, put that one on the shelf. Open the new one for 2013. Pull someone close today, love them the way the Lord loves you. Share His peace, Share His love. Tell them about His Grace.
Happy New Year my brothers and sisters. May the Lord be with each of you now and forever.  
Psalm 118:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever.