Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I shed many tears last night. At the first of two candle light services my husband and I attended. The sanctuary was full to over flowing with worshipers. The lights were low as I closed my eyes. The vision in my head was of a young virgin Mother about to give birth. No one had room for them. She didn't complain but continued on her journey, the birth of Emmanuel. There in the hay, she and Joseph welcomed the birth of this child. And His name shall be called Jesus.
I realize now that Christmas isn't just about Jesus birth. It's about the light of Jesus and the light of His birth that we carry with us.....each and every day. 
At the end of the service the Pastor lit his candle from the center of the Advent wreath, the Christ candle. He in turn shared his light with the rest of us sitting in the sanctuary. In a matter of minutes the entire room was aglow with light from the center of the Advent candle.
As another tear slid down my cheek it occurred to me how simple it all really is. We have to pass on our "light". The one Jesus gave us. We celebrate that light today, HIS birth. I've heard many arguments that today may not have been the actual day He was born. I have celebrated His birth on this day my entire life.  If you choose to celebrate a different day, that's okay too. As long as you do Celebrate His Birth. And remember to pass on HIS LIGHT.
I'm sending you my love this morning and passing on the light from my candle.
Now it's your turn to pass on that light and HIS LOVE.
Merry Christmas.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Merry Christmas, Katt. I can't think of anything to add except thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Happy New Year.

Carol Garvin said...

All through Advent we awaiting his coming, ready to celebrate the Babe's birthday. But we know his birth had a purpose so we also await his coming again into the reality of our lives. It's an awesome thing to realize the significance of his birth!

We attended two services last night, too -- our choir was singing at the midnight one -- and it was such a moving experience to raise "Glory to the Son of God" (Cindy Berry) into the silent beauty of that very holy time.

Blessings to you at Christmas, Katt, and a Happy New Year, too.