Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Every year about this time, my hubby strolls into the kitchen and stands in front of me, rubbing his belly. "You know," he starts, "I've put on a little weight this year so I don't want you to make any Christmas cookies or candy." 
I smile.
"Are you telling me you don't want any buckeyes or divinity?"
"Yes," he nods, "that's exactly what I mean."
He turns and heads for his chair to watch the news. I go to my desk and methodically start my list. I don't know about you, but I don't keep 10 or 15 extra pounds of flour and sugar, or an extra dozen eggs on hand. Then there's always extra powdered sugar, an extra jar of peanut butter and dipping chocolate for the buckeyes. And if you've ever made candy, you know it's not just an "afternoon" project.
A few years ago, I listened to him. Actually took him seriously. He didn't want decorated sugar cookies, chocolate fudge, peanut butter fudge. I didn't care, because it's a lot of work. 
He was talking on the phone to his sister a few weeks before Christmas that year. "You know sis, I really miss all the candy and cookies she used to make."
What's he talking about. He's the one who insisted I not make any. That year I was scrambling at the last minute to grant his wishes.
 For the next few weeks, I will be making all the "stuff" he loves. He also loves to share it with our friends.
I think he realizes now I'm not a magician and can't wave a magic wand and have all that "stuff" he loves appear out of the air.

Several years ago right before we were getting ready for bed he said, "do you think you could make up a little tray of Christmas candy and cookies for me to take to the guys at the golf course? They love your candy and cookies."
I smiled, "Sure when do you need it?"   
"In the morning would be fine." 
He was serious........... 


Anonymous said...

You are too comical but it all true.

Char said...

You are too comical but it all true.

Char said...

You are too comical but it all true.

Carol Garvin said...

When I was ill a few years ago, I did nothing in the way of Christmas preparations, especially the baking. My hubby likes to bake cookies -- a couple 'everyday' recipes, oatmeal and chocolate chip -- so when he wanted a sweet morsel, he could make it himself. He's tall and slim so doesn't worry about those calories. I take pity on him now, making a few of our favourite Christmas goodies... fruitcake, shortbread and peanut butter snowballs are 'must haves'.

Maybe you need to teach your hubby how to make his own favourites??? HaHa!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Husbands are so funny. They seem to be a clear indication of just how huge a sense of humour God has! LOL.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

You know what I mean, right girlfriend??? Ha ha!