Monday, November 26, 2012


My mom used to remind me I should make friends with people my own age. She kept saying, Janice is older than you, when she graduates you'll be lost.
Janice Mason Keirns was my best friend before I really knew what "best friends" were all about.
She was a few years older than me. When I first met her, in band, she was the one yelling and talking a little louder than anyone else. However, everyone around her was laughing. I had to check her out. I knew from that very moment, I had to be that girls friend. She was a crazy woman. And if you knew her, you loved her.
My Mom was right about one thing, when she graduated from high school before me, I was lost. I missed her so much. I had other friends, but they weren't the same.
Janice was the one person I could really be myself with. We shared secrets. I was in their wedding. I was there when her first son was born. 
Over the years we drifted apart, but only in miles, never our hearts. 
We kept in touch via email, later on sometimes Facebook. 
One day I called her after one of her long stretches with this ugly disease, just to see how she was. I thought I would be talking to her precious hubby. I was shocked when she answered the phone herself, her voice weak. Her poor hubby was on the couch with the flu. That was the last time I heard her voice.
This morning when I learned she passed away on Saturday, my mind has been racing. Sorting through hundreds of memories with her.
 I don't think she ever met a stranger. And if she did, they didn't stay a stranger. She always made me laugh. One of the things I will always remember about her was her laugh. It was infections, contagious.  My heart is so heavy now, and as I write, I'm wiping tears from my cheeks. However, I know where she is. I also know she and her son Darrin have been reunited. 
I know she is pain free..... I smiled a few minutes ago thinking that my own Mom met her and hugged her on Saturday too.
Janice and I had so much fun together. We never got in trouble, but there were a few times neither of our Moms would have been thrilled by our decisions.
I always hoped I would go to heaven before Janice did. I wanted to tell God my side of the story first.
I love you my sweet friend, Janice Mason Keirns, May 14, 1944-November 24, 2012. 
Rest in Peace......        


Carol Garvin said...

Oh, Katt, I'm so sorry! I have a BF that is like the sister I never had, although I didn't get to know her well until she came to work for me in 1989. She's 7 years older than I am and now that we're both retired I don't get to see her very often and I miss our leisurely chats. She is the only person I've ever been able to share everything with and I can't envision her not being available at least for a phone call or e-mail.

My heart is heavy for you and I pray you find continued comfort in your good memories and also in knowing that one day you will see her again.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

I have so much comfort knowing I will be with her again. Not in these tired old cancer ridden bodies, but vibrant heavenly bodies. It's hard to be sad when I know that once again, she "graduated" before I did.
Hugs and blessings to you my friend.