Thursday, August 30, 2012


His voice crackled over the intercom...."we are approaching the runway, the flight attendants will be preparing the cabin for landing."
I fastened my seat belt, looked out the window and prepared for the descent.
I reflected on the flight; it was a good one. Not many bumps along the way. For the most part the "fasten seat-belt sign" remained off. Unlike other flights I have been on where I wondered if we had lost one of the wings. Or another time when lightening struck outside the plane as we were crossing the international date line.
Some of the flights have been routine, while others remain memorable. 
Pretty much like our lives. Bumpy ride at times, and other times smooth sailing.
This morning within twenty minutes I received two phone calls. Two very dear friends passed away. One of them has been battling cancer, the other however was unexpected. In fact, his wife was there this morning gathering his things. He had been released to go home.
None of us really know when we are "going home".  We don't really have much control of the "flight" we are on. But we can control our "final destination".
Ecclesiastes 12:5.......Then man goes to his eternal home..... 

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