Friday, July 27, 2012

A Little Bit of Duct Tape

I have a friend who thinks the answer to everything medically speaking is "Vicks". If you have a sore throat, rub Vicks on your throat and chest, an earache, Vicks behind your ear. A cough, Vicks on the bottom of your feet.
My hubby is just about as bad, however not with Vicks, but duct tape.
I used to say to him, "honey, that needs fixed, maybe the screw has come loose." He would say, "I'll put a little duct tape on it until I can fix it."
I can't tell you how many things in our house had "duct tape" on them, waiting for him to fix it.
A few weeks ago I decided to put film over the glass on the sliding glass doors. Great idea. The day I decided to do it, I wasn't feeling well, so I needed hubby's help. Besides, I remember thinking to myself, he does a much better job cutting than I do.
We put the first one on the first slider, and then started on the second. We were both tired, and decided to "finish" the project later.
Both sides were holding up, but one of them had come loose at the bottom because we didn't cut it close enough to the glass and it overlapped onto the frame of the door.
Imagine my surprise when I came into the office the other day and saw the duct tape across the bottom of the door.
Yup, I love him!  

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Carol J. Garvin said...

If your hubby were Canadian he'd know all about Red Green, the comedian. He had a regular TV show for years, and then a movie (trailer: ), and now a book that my DIL gave my hubby for Christmas: . And they all feature Red and his love of duct tape!

My deepest sympathy if your hubby is in some way indirectly related to Red! (Hee-hee!!)