Saturday, March 17, 2012


Several years ago my sister-in-law and I decided to participate in the "annual St. Patrick's Day parade". The challenge was to decorate the golf cart, ride through the park and let the residents vote for the best decorated golf cart.
We only decided to do it for fun. We planned for my husband to ride on the golf cart with us. But as it turned out that morning he was too sick to go. At the time we were going through radiation for prostate cancer. I say "we" because I never missed a treatment. I was there with him every single day. So to this day I feel like I went through it too.
Anyway, that morning my sister-in-law and I decorated her golf cart. We arranged, and re-arranged the decorations so many times I'm surprised they stayed on the cart.
As we started down first one street and then the next, we were approaching the street my husband and I lived on. As we got close to our house, I realized my hubby was sitting outside on a lawn chair in his bath robe. He was so weak that morning, but sat there cheering us on.
We honked the horn, I jumped off and ran to hug him. Then hurried to catch up again.
We finished the parade, and we were ready to go back to her house to "un-decorate" the golf cart. One of the men shouted to me, "Where are you going?"
I explained we were just trying to get out of the way.
He said, "Don't you realize? You won!"
We laughed, "We won?" My sister-in-law and I were shouting!
We couldn't believe the prize.  It was two rounds of golf!
I couldn't wait to tell my hubby. I knew that would cheer him up! He was strong enough to use it in just a few months.
One of the best memories I have of Saint Patrick's Day.
Tell me yours!


Joylene said...

That is such a lovely memory. I don't have any of St. Patty's Day. Darn. I guess we weren't Irish enough to make it a big day. Oh, right, we aren't Irish at all. Don't think that matters though, huh? Today I'm painting one of my walls in the bedroom green. Does that count?

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Green bedroom wall on St. Patty's day? yup, I think that counts!!!!
You make me laugh!!!!
Love ya

Carol Garvin said...

What a great memory, and I'll bet those rounds of golf were especially sweet when your hubby was strong enough to play them with you.

It's funny, but as much as our family has almost always marked St. Patrick's Day with some kind of shenanigans, no particular one stands out. Vancouver holds a parade every year but I have to admit I've never attended one. I'm such a party-pooper! :)

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

The funny thing is I don't play golf. So my hubby got to invite one of his buddies. I was so happy for them. They had a great time, laughing about how they were able to play golf at that course! "My wife decorated a golf cart!" ha ha