Monday, March 5, 2012


Join me today in welcoming guest blogger Melanie Bowen.  She has recently be invited to be a contributor to the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog

 Melanie's goal is to inspire and motivate anyone facing this (or any) chronic or terminal illness. 
I hope you enjoy her article. Please stop by and offer her encouragement in this endeavor. 
I pray the Lord will bless her and guide her everyday as she offers hope to others in their journey.
Welcome Melanie, I'm so glad you are here today.

Accomplish Your Goals By Blogging

Having an illness, whether it’s lupus or a rare cancer like mesothelioma, is a difficult thing to deal with. Sometimes, the illness can become so overwhelming that you almost want to give up. However, it is still important to set goals in your life. If you just sit around and feel sorry for yourself, life will just pass you by.

Thinking about your goals in your head probably won’t be helpful though. If you, however, write your thoughts and goals down, you will be much more motivated to achieve them. Consider creating your own blog on the Internet to log your thoughts, desires and wishes. For example, you can write about how you felt after you got your prognosis and how you won’t let it prevent you from traveling around the country.

Try to write an entry in your blog everyday. Even if you write just one paragraph, it will still keep you on track with your goals. For example, you can write about how you accomplished your goal of learning how to surf. Whenever your illness is getting you down, take the time to look back at some of your past blog posts. Doing so will remind you that you still have plenty of goals left and that you won’t be able to accomplish them if you just sit around your house.

Also, consider writing down rewards you will give yourself if you accomplish certain goals. For example, if you accomplish your goal of exercising everyday for a full month, you can reward yourself with a new outfit.

One big benefit of having a blog online is people reading your posts and responding to them. If you write about how you will learn to ski even though you have an illness, people can leave encouraging comments that can further motivate you. For example, a person can write how he thinks it’s amazing that you are setting these goals and that he hopes you accomplish them.

Even though writing down your desires and goals in a blog will not cure your illness, it will still motivate you to keep living and accomplish the things you want.


Joylene said...

I have always loved writing down my goals, my honey-do list, my favourite words. I like your list. I think it would make this whole experience of living a lot easier.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Thanks Joy....I'll make sure Melanie sees your comments.
Hugs and blessings