Monday, October 10, 2011


We took the flag down a few days ago during a rain storm. This morning, wanting to show my "patriotic" enthusiasm I hung it back up. 
My hubby thought it would be best if we drove separate cars to his doctors appointment, that way he wouldn't be late for his tee time. I had several errands to run anyway, so it wasn't a problem for me either.
When I looked at my watch and realized I was right on schedule, I breathed a sigh of relief. Just one more stop and I can go home. I started chatting with the lady beside me, and I have no idea how two strangers started talking about what "holiday" today is. I mentioned hanging the flag again, because I always want to support the Veterans on Veterans Day. She and another person gave me a funny look. Then she said, "I've been telling people today is Columbus Day." I started to disagree and said, "no, November 11, isn't that Veterans Day? She smiled and nodded, "it is, but today is October 10th."
I knew that......

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