Monday, October 24, 2011

The Big Pink Ribbon

I was one of 2,334 people who tried to break the Guinness Book of World Records for Human Awareness. Saudi Arabia now holds the title with over 3,000 people in the ribbon. Our goal was 5,000. Unfortunately we didn't make the goal, but the spirit was there.
Seven of us traveled over an hour to participate in the "Big Pink Ribbon".  We donned our pink tee shirts, headed for our tent, and waited to line up. 
The people who organized it began a year ago. And in fact, one year ago, the first annual event, they had over 800 people show up. So this year to have over 2,000 participate, I'm sure by next year we'll have over 5,000, and we'll break that record!
As I stood in our section, 7a, and their were 7 of us, tears welled in my eyes. I stood there for my Aunt Dolores who passed away several years ago.  Her battle with breast cancer was a valiant one. Unfortunately the drugs to fight the type of cancer she had were not available twenty years ago. As a tear slid down my cheek I looked straight ahead of me. There stood my friend who has been battling cancer since February. She has gone through surgery, chemo, and another surgery just last week. Participating in this event was important to her. She has not been cleared to drive, so we shoved (very gently of course) into the car, and headed north.
I looked at her smiling face. She was dressed in socks, long pants and sleeves, a wide brimmed straw hat topped her "bald" head. Her smile warmed the entire state of Florida. I praise the Lord for her continuing recovery. 
I turned my head to the left to see the face of another smiling friend who fought the fight several years ago, and is today cancer free. 
I said a prayer thanking the Lord for my sister-in-law, my niece and two other friends who are all , so far, recovering from this ugly disease.
Even though we didn't break the record, I think we set a new one for ourselves. 

It was a day of celebration and rejoicing.


Joylene said...

Oh my. Now I'm tearing up. What a wonderful friend you are, Katt. And I bet those women realize it too. I sure do.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Joy, I've been blessed with friends like you!
I love you sweetie!