Monday, September 26, 2011


My hubby left for golf at about 6:15 a.m. one morning. I slept very little the night before and decided to go back to bed, just until 6:30. My normal time for waking is usually 5:30 to 6. So, sleeping until 6:30 would be unusual for me. The other unusual thing would be for me to fall asleep after getting up. That just never happens. Imagine the look on my face when I rolled over after just a "few minutes" and read 8:30 on the clock. I couldn't believe it.
The repercussions of sleeping that late weighed heavily on my schedule that day. 
My normal routine is reading devotions, praying and then reading the Bible until 8:00 every morning. What to do, when I'm not starting until 8:30?
The first, or should I say second snag in my morning was when I finally sat at my desk to "print" my latest work in progress. I'm trying to edit it to send it off to an agent, or publisher. I finally got everything copied to one location, and was ready to print. I hit the button, pushed my chair back, walked to the kitchen for a glass of iced tea. Came back into the office, feeling refreshed. What? Document failed to print.
Okay, excuse me, not today. I'm already running behind. I called the company. The printer is wireless, and I have to call them about once a week because every time it rains my printer goes off line. Sometimes I can restore it, and sometimes I get frustrated and have to call in the troops!
I was already at the "last step" of trouble shooting, and I tried to explain that to the rep. But he was frustrated with me and told me to call my ISP (Internet service provider). Dealing with this same problem almost weekly, I knew my ISP would tell me to call them. I waited a few minutes and called them back. Now, what are the chances I would get the same customer service rep? About 1 in 1000, I would say. I should have bought a lottery ticket that day, because I got him. He transferred me to someone else who actually listened to me. I explained to the second tech that I realized, in all fairness to the first guy, he has instructions that he reads through. When I was already at the last step, he didn't know where to go. We got the printer back on line in just about 3 and a half minutes. 
I took a deep breath. Why was I feeling so agitated, so frustrated?
Ok Lord, I hear you. I need to call one of my friends who has a real problem.   
One who is dealing with cancer, Parkinson's Disease, or is in a nursing home for rehab.
Another friend reminded me one day how lucky I am. She said, "bad things never happen to you?" What, is she kidding?
Bad things happen all the time, but it's the way I deal with them. I realized years ago that we all need equal amounts of sunshine and rain to make our flowers grow. I'm growing everyday.
The Lord reminded me the very name of my new book alone should have been enough to calm me down. Beside the Still Waters......


Joylene said...

Your posts are such a comfort, Katt. It's not knowing that bad things happen to you, but that you know you have the Lord standing by ready to fix anything anytime. All you have to do is ask.

I love that about you.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Awwwww, you are way too sweet!