Friday, July 1, 2011


The reflection Meko sees in the mirror is a two hundred pound Rottweiler. 
By day he is fierce and mighty. Don't try to walk past our house. He's usually on alert.
However, by night, my four and a half pound Maltese is a different "person".
For instance, the other night he needed to go outside to do whatever dogs do outside. It was in the middle of the night. In spite of the fact that we have dog doors, and he doesn't need me to take him outside, he waits for me to go with him.
I waited in the moon filtered ambient light in the screened room. He must have lost sight of me, because he ran past me, as quick as if I had used the word "treat". I quietly followed him back into the house. However, I waited while he ran around the dining room table, a couple end tables and finally stopped suddenly in front of me jumping on his hind legs. My cue to lean over and pick him up. His little heart was still pounding in his chest. Scared to death, but as I held him he relaxed. Safe in my arms.
I'm wondering how many times the Lord laughs at me. Running around in the dark, afraid of the "shadows". The unknown facing me. And struggling to get back to safety. When HE was standing there all the time. Just waiting in the ambient light. HIS ambient light.
I'm reminded of a song, "Safe in His Arms." 
Meko was almost fast asleep in my arms before we got back to the bedroom. Safe in my arms.......


Carol J. Garvin said...

I always chuckle at how brave some of our dogs have been while they're on a leash with us. They strain at the end, sometimes barking, saying in effect, "You're just lucky my human won't let me get at you, because if I could you'd be hamburger!" We see it when dogs are behind a fence, too. So bold. But let them come to the open gate and suddenly they're not so brave... content to sniff and mutter a bit, then retreat to the safety of their yard again.

Your image of being safe in His arms is so beautiful, and one we so often take for granted until we step outside the gate on our own. :)

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Aren't they so funny? We get so much pleasure from the two of them. Bailey and Meko----