Saturday, June 18, 2011


It seems about every afternoon my hubby and I have a discussion about working in the yard. By mid-afternoon it's pretty warm. However the mornings are beautiful. Usually in the 70's with a breeze. So I always want him to work in the mornings, or late afternoons. He thinks because he plays golf he's in "good shape". I'm thinking, it has nothing to do with the shape he is in, but how hot and humid it is outside.
 Many afternoons I have gone outside and begged him to please stop. I take glasses of water for him to drink, and wet towels for his neck.  
Today is no different, a beautiful morning. I headed outside to plant three new flowers. 
The last words my husband said to me this morning as he was backing out the driveway on his way to the golf course were this:
"Promise me you will not plant that tree until I get home." I raised my hand and told him I would not plant the tree.
As soon as he left, I dug three holes for day lilies. After I watered them, I realized how much there is to do before we can actually plant "the tree." 
There is about three inches of river rock that needed to be moved, and then of course the hole needed to be dug. We live in Florida, the "dirt" is sand. So I can almost move the "dirt" with a hose and water. 
I filled six five gallon buckets with the river rock. It was still early and cool, in the mid 70's. So I thought why not? I dug the hole.
Now I know how my kids used to feel. If I had asked them not to plant the tree.
I didn't plant the tree, but all he has to do when he comes home is slide it into the hole and dump the river rock around it.
I think he'll be happy!


Carol J. Garvin said...

Around here that would be a hard promise to keep. Somehow, once I get working in the garden the time slips away. There's always just one more thing I want to do before stopping, and then I come inside and collapse into my chair, muttering that I should have stopped sooner. My husband has been replacing a fence this spring and he's just as bad. It's better when we work together because one of us generally recognizes when we need to take a break, and then we both stop at the same time and go make an iced tea. Maybe you should take up golfing with your husband, and then garden together when you get home???

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Carol, I know what you mean---about when to stop.
It is hard because there is always one more thing to do. Fortunately we have a small place, so it doesn't take that much time. However, I've gone a little crazy with the flowers! ha ha

Joylene Butler said...

I've learned to keep those promises, but in our early years it was very difficult because when he got home it would either be raining, storming, or too late to plant. Now I wait. I'm learning. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Good woman! I'm sure he appreciated it, even if he shook his head after he learned what you had done. :)

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

I'm usually doing other things while he's golfing. So normally I do wait for him and we do it together. However, it was so hot that day, and I knew by the time he came home I wouldn't be able to get him to stop. So all he had to do was plop the tree in the hole I had already dug!
Hugs to you!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

I think he did appreciate it--later! :D
It did give him additional "dinner conversation---the things my wife does"