Friday, June 24, 2011


My favorite episodes of American Idol were the very beginning. When they were selecting singers to "go on".  
Lots of people didn't like Simon for his brutality. However, many times when I saw him shake his head and say, "no way", I have to admit I did agree with him.
I used to smile at people who argued with Simon. "I can sing, are you crazy? What are you thinking? I've got talent."
I'm sure at some point someone encouraged that person into thinking they actually could sing.
Sometimes when I get another rejection from a publisher I can almost hear Simon's words, paraphrased, of course. "Why do you think you can write? Sorry, this isn't what we're looking for right now."
I wonder how many times writers have given up, because someone said, "no thank you" to their manuscript?
Writing isn't the same as singing. You either have a voice, and a good ear,  or you don't.
Writing is a skill we can all hone. If you really want to be a writer the first lesson to learn is develop thick skin. Know who to listen to and who to turn a deaf ear to.
When I look at some of my early manuscripts I laugh at myself. What was I thinking?
If you have just recently received a "rejection", call another pair of eyes to look over what you've written. Do not give up. Contact other writers for their support and encouragement.
One of the things we share as writers is disappointment.
So open your laptop, take a deep breath and sing!  


Joylene Butler said...

That's why I think it's so important to be "stubborn". My mother used to call it Determined. LOL. But she was a lady. I generally say Pigheadedness is an asset.

Have an awesome weekend, young lady!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

I like "stubborn"! Ha ha