Wednesday, May 4, 2011


As soon as someone calls me about a speaking engagement I pray. "Lord what do you want me to talk about? Who do you want to reach through me?"
Almost immediately He goes to work. One time I remember going back to Him several times saying, "Lord, we don't have much time left, it's next week, and I'm still not clear what you want Your message to be." And almost just as clear was that still calm voice I've grown to love answered me, "we've got plenty of time."
I had the awesome privilege of having lunch with another Christian Motivational Speaker yesterday. When I shared with her my experience, she agreed that same thing happens to her.
One time, after I was introduced and on my way to the platform, the Lord said, "I've changed my mind."
You're kidding, right Lord? 
It was from that experience that I knew I had to trust Him. I had to surrender to Him. He would guide me. He has already given me life experiences to draw from. He touched my heart and led me that day. He knew exactly what He wanted me to say, and He knew who He wanted to touch.
I'm also learning He has a sense of humor.
Trust in the Lord. Just like Psalm 118:8 says, It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.
If you ask me later what I talked about, most of the time I don't have a clue. A lady came up to me one day referencing something I had said, and I remember thinking, 'I said that?' hmmm.
It's like hanging on to the crag of a rock. Where is your next foothold? Is it safe, am I going to fall?
I remember thinking to myself, take a deep breath. If I fall He will catch me. 
And you know what? He has hundreds of times. Thank You Lord for Loving me. 


Carol J. Garvin said...

I've experienced that, too. The need to trust right up till the last moment can be scary but each time it happens it surely does strengthen one's faith. I remember the very first time, a Sunday morning when my preacher hubby had an emergency call before church. He rushed out of town expecting to make it back in time for the service... but didn't!

I'm not a confident speaker, so as the time approached for the sermon I kept watching the door and hoping he'd come through it. Panic enveloped me when I realized he wasn't going to and all eyes were on me to speak. To this day I have no idea what I said, but afterwards people came up and thanked me for the words God gave me. I was a very young bride and relatively new Christian so it was a useful lesson in trust! God is good!

BTW, Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy a blessed day.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Thank you so much. It has been a blessed day. And I just finished lunch!
I know for me, it was a valuable lesson---learning to lean AND trust the Lord completely. I wish I could say I'm able to do it all the time. I try---but there are times when I think I can do it. He always reminds me, ever so gently, that "no, my child, let me get behind the wheel---you just come along for the ride!
Love you
Oh, and I KNOW you did a fabulous job filling in for your hubby---

Joylene Butler said...

Perfect timing. I was practising whispering to myself last night: surrender, surrender, surrender to the moment. It's a long story, but your post is affirmation! Pretty nifty that it's also your birthday. So, how's it feel to be 50!??

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

"So how's it feel to be 50"?
I'll let you know when I get there! ha ha
You are too funny!