Thursday, May 19, 2011


He sipped his coffee and then stabbed his fork into another bite of omelet. "You know, honey, you really need to slow down. I've been noticing this morning you haven't stopped."
I nodded.
His motto is if you can do it tomorrow, why do it today. That's usually what he tells me as the door closes behind him on the way to the golf course.
He doesn't realize the deadlines I have, the organization it takes to accomplish everything in one day.
I remember when the kids were young. If for whatever reason I had a day off, and spent the day at home, by the time they got home I might be sitting in the family room watching TV or reading a book. That meant to them, that's what I did all day. They didn't realize no one dropped off groceries, or came in to wash, dry and fold the clothes. No one dropped off "Meals on Wheels".
I'm thinking my hubby may be of the same mind set. When he comes home from the golf course, dinner is on the table. He has clean clothes, there is no longer a path of sand on the floor. And I may be sitting in my chair reading.
What he doesn't see is everything I've done in between.
I smiled at him and explained I needed to get everything done that morning because after we deliver Meals on Wheels, I needed to work on a manuscript.
I watched his face. I think he gets it.
We finished breakfast, delivered Meals on Wheels, and came back home.  I changed clothes, poured a glass of ice water and headed for the office. Ready to dive into my manuscript.
My hubby came in the office to tell me good-bye as he left for the golf course.
He turned quickly and walked back in the office.
"Honey, I forgot to tell you," he began as he opened his briefcase. "You need to type these minutes from my meeting last night."
I looked at him with disbelief.
He smiled, "It's okay, darlin, you've got all afternoon."
Ya gotta love 'em. 


Bill Deb said...

I am with ya Sista!!!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

You understand because you're a "sista" ha ha

Joylene Butler said...

I wrote something "cute" but then my internet crashed. Hmm, wonder if that was God saying be nice, Joylene. Okay. Men are cute, aren't they?

LOL, Yes that's me being nice.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

You are nice!