Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Love of My Life

My husband sat across the table from me eating breakfast. We were talking about our day ahead of us when Father Nick walked into the restaurant.
I raise my hand to wave at him and he walked across the floor to our table.  In his Scottish brogue he said, "top of the morning to ya."
I smiled. "How are your girls?"
"You know," he began, "the girls are the love of my life."
I know exactly what you mean Father. "The boys are the love of my life too."
Every Wednesday my husband and I deliver Meals on Wheels. We all meet at the Catholic Church to pick up the meals we will be delivering that day.
We always take "the boys" with us. I drive while my husband takes the food inside to the clients. While we are waiting for the food to arrive, we walk across the driveway to see the two little "girl" Chihuahuas. 
Bailey runs along the fence to greet the "girls", while Meko hides behind me. One of the girl's likes us, while the other one wishes we would go away forever.
From another table at the restaurant that morning, we heard, "excuse me sir, what religion are you?"
Without missing a beat, Father Nick said, "I'm Catholic."
She said, "I heard you talking about your children."
My husband laughed out loud. Father Nick smiled.  
"They are the love of my life." He said.
Me too, Father Nick, me too.


Joylene Butler said...

Around our neighbourhood, I think there's some kind of a secret code amongst the stray cats. Why else would they all end up in our yard? Unless our dog Bandit invites them. Today we have 4 strays living with us. Buster's been with us the longest, since Nov 4, 1999. He's not feeling well. For the first time in 12 years, he climbed under the covers last night and cuddled up to my heart for warmth. I know what Father means. I love my boy.

Niki Turner said...

Aw! You have Westies, then? I have one, named Archie, and he is the BEST dog ever! Dogs enrich our lives.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

They end up in your yard because Bandit invites them. He knows a good thing! Ha ha
Aren't they all just precious????

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Yes, I have a Westie, my little Bailey. He is the smartest dog I have ever owned! And the easiest to train. I think I showed him one time where he was supposed to go to the bathroom---and that's where he went---outside! Now Meko, the Maltese, is another story. He is a great dog too---but has a mind of his own. When he gets upset with me, if I leave him, he leaves "gifts" for me.