Thursday, April 7, 2011

Childlike Faith

She folded her hands in front of her as she bowed her head, and in that sweet little four year old voice prayed, "Lord, please send rain. Nana says we need it. Amen."
The innocence of a child.
We pushed away from the table and walked towards the door. I stood gazing outside thanking the Lord for the sunshine on this beautiful cloudless day. 
I reached for my granddaughters hand, but as I turned towards her she had disappeared into another room. When she reappeared she was carrying her pink Barbie umbrella. 
She had just prayed for rain, and she expected that would happen before we returned from our walk.
I wish I had the faith of a child. I wish I could pray the simple unassuming words that seem to flow from her lips. She closes her eyes and bows her head and tells the Lord exactly whats on her heart. "Take care of my family Lord, because I love them. Amen."
Sometimes I think we as adults, myself included get stuck on "how to pray." We seem to think our prayers won't be answered if we don't pray the "right" way. 
I believe there isn't a "right or wrong" way to pray, as long as we are praying the way Jesus taught us. Matthew 6:5-13 Pray like this....
God does not ignore our prayers, Psalm 9:12
Our prayers bring us into God's presence, Psalm 145:18
A sincere prayer brings wonderful results, James 5:16
God hears our prayers when they are in line with his will, I John 5:14
 So my prayer today is "Lord, thank you for your Grace. And please take care of my family and friends because I love them. Amen."