Monday, February 14, 2011


The last ten days I sat with my pew mate, Blanche every morning during a very intense Bible study. I listened to thirty sermons and loved on hundreds of friends.
I'm feeling a little depressed today. I suppose that's a pretty rigorous schedule to maintain, even for a young person. Now, it's back to "life as usual".
I don't think my life will ever be the same however. Even though my head is full, and I'm feeling a little weary, I'm rejoicing in all I heard.
One common message the Evangelists talked about was, "someone prayed for me." It was not always a family member, sometimes a friend from Church or a neighbor.
I wonder how many times the Lord has touched my heart about praying for someone and I haven't listened. Or maybe thought, "someone else is probably praying for them."
Several times, over the years I have read accounts of Mother's praying for their children only to learn some time later that child was in danger. Thanks to her prayers God was with that child.
People have said to me, "the only thing I can do is pray." Sometimes I think none of us realize the power we hold in prayer.
I'm thinking about taking a nap this afternoon, my head feels heavy from all the messages. I'm hoping at some point I will be able to pull some of those thoughts out and be able to use them. I'm praying they aren't just stuck inside my head for eternity.
I suppose that wouldn't be such a bad thing either. What beautiful messages I'm thinking about today.
Oh, yes, now for that nap.

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