Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I sat at my desk, thumbing through my day planner. Another day, just like yesterday. There are only 24 hours in this day. Yesterday was so busy. The day after Camp Meeting, trying to recapture ten days worth of phone calls, email, writing assignments. My husband had a doctors appointment. Our new Church directory, pictures Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Committee members to call and assign duties. Blow the dust off writing assignments. Find the bottom of my desk.
I looked out the window at the bird feeders and leaned back in my chair. "Lord", my prayer began, "I can't do all that needs to be done today."
I heard HIS booming voice. "My child," HE began, "I noticed what a train wreck yesterday was, why did you try to do it by yourself?"
Guilty, as charged.
Not only did I rush through morning devotions, but the entire day was like that. I did "half the job", I should have done.
My husband was anxious to get back on the golf course. He also took ten days from his normal routine to go to Camp Meetings. However, I heard him tell someone, "I'm staying home today. It's Valentine's Day and I want to spend it with my wife."
Oh how sweet. But does he realize how much I have to do?
So I spent the morning at the doctors office with my husband. We stopped for lunch and I came home and tried to plow through my mess.
Not once in the afternoon did I take time to say, "Lord, I need you."
This morning, I'm sure HE is smacking himself on the head saying "Duh, you finally got it."
I can't, but HE can. 


Carol J. Garvin said...

Philippians 4:13 --
"I can do all things in him that strengtheneth me."

You know you can't get it all done all the time, Katt. Not by yourself. Our energy waxes and wanes. Only God is consistent. When we can't carry it all ourselves -- the load, the meetings, the schedule, the worry -- we absolutely have to take it to the Lord in Prayer. In fact, I sometimes start humming that song to myself when I'm stressing out. That always reminds me to take five minutes out, sit and share a prayer of need with God.

Joylene Butler said...

You're like a one-woman army for God. What a blessing you are, Katt. I'm taking 5 minutes for you and asking Jesus to lift you up. God Bless!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

That's a great song. I guess I just need HIM to remind me every once in a while!
Hugs girlfriend

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Thanks so much for your prayers. I am feeling so much better today. One day during Camp Meeting I only got 2 hours sleep---just couldn't sleep that night. So when you are very tired that doesn't help either.
I feel your prayers!
Thanks for being there for me sista!
Love ya