Saturday, February 5, 2011


A time of revival, renewal and rejoicing is now. 
People are coming, actually they are already here, from all over the United States to celebrate one thing. Each of us has something in common; Our faith.
What joy I feel in my heart every morning when I walk in and find my "assigned" seat. At 9:15 we enjoy Bible study, 10:30 the first worship service. We all take a break for lunch, whether in the cafeteria or inside our own home. We gather again for the 2:30 Worship service and again at 7:30 for the final worship service of the day. 
Again and again I hear people proclaim, "I love Camp Meeting."
Several years ago, I had no idea what Camp Meeting was. A friend invited me to sing with the Ladies Chorus. I knew we were singing the first night of Camp Meeting. I still didn't know what they were saying to me.
Today, I block off the entire ten days.
It's a time of great fellowship and sharing. A time of loving and living. And a time of prayer and thanksgiving.
It is a grueling schedule, but I've come to love it. I also love the people who share the experience with me.
I can rest later.


Debbie Clark said...

My denomination, here in Oregon still has Campmeeting, in the middle of July . The Seventh-day Adventist church in the Oregon Conference has their Oregon Headquarters just 20 miles from where I live, which includes the campgrounds that have been part of our church for well over 100 years. It used to be 100 years ago that there were campmeetings all over the country. Some states no longer have them, or have them in buildings. Here in Oregon, we still have the big tent to fit 1000's of adults and tents and little buildings for the younger set. It used to be 10 days, but now is only around 6 days. Last year, because of lack of funds, they did not have it. It connects fellow Christians & church members and gives you a huge spriritual blessing. Love them!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

So glad to hear from you! You're right, the best part is the connection to fellow Christians. Our President, Dr. Kelley always says, "we don't care what denomination you are, just that you have Jesus in your heart."
Blessings and hugs to you my friend,

Joylene Butler said...

No wonder you're excited. Sounds like the place to be. And you're right. You can always rest later. Have fun. Rejoice. I'll be thinking of you all.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

We are so blessed to live right here on the Campground. Our house is within walking distance of everything.
We walk home to eat and sleep! :D