Tuesday, January 11, 2011


According to my dictionary, self-reliance is defined as follows: Reliance upon one's own capabilities, judgment, or resources.

My husband claims to be self-reliant. I supposed most of the time he is. It's hard for me to accept that sometimes. Every morning, I make coffee. I usually wake hours before he does, and I pour his coffee along with creamer and sugar and put it in the micro-wave so he can heat it again when he wakes up.
When he gets ready to take a nap, he reminds me, he's cold. And I dutifully cover him with his favorite blanket.
It's great to be self-reliant, but it's also wonderful to have someone to take care of, or to be taken care of by someone. 
It doesn't have to be a spouse. It can be a best friend. Call him/her and check on them. Have lunch, coffee or go see a movie together.
Drop them a card, or better yet pick up the phone.  Even if you can't think of anything to say, just saying, "I'm thinking about you or I've been praying for you." Might be all that person really needs to hear that day.
What would you like to hear today from your best friend?


Joylene Butler said...

Joylene, you look tired. Why don't you lay down for a nap while I completely clear out your old computer room. I'll turn it into that library you always wanted."

Of course, I'd reply, "Oh, okay."

Carol J. Garvin said...

Oh, I LOVE Joylene's comment! Wouldn't that be something?!

It really is nice to have someone to care for, and someone who will care for me. Sometimes I take it all for granted and it's good to be reminded of how precious that thoughtfulness is.

Today I have a miserable cold, and today is my hubby's birthday. Instead of me making him a special birthday dinner, he took ME out for dinner, and moments ago he brought me a cup of tea with honey and lemon. I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm truly blessed.

JaxPop said...

Deb & I take turns trying to "out-spoil" each other. It's a nice thing.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Joy, that's great! When he's done send him over! :D

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

I just hate having a cold. You don't really feel bad enough to go to bed, but not good enough to do a lot. Bless your precious hubby! I'm sending you "warm" hugs from Florida!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

That sounds like a "win-win" situation for both of you!!!