Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I had the privilege of speaking at a Women's Outreach last weekend.
The ladies worked for months in preparation. Planning the program, the food and decorations for each table. They organized and planned for each tiny detail. When the expected amount of people didn't show up, they were a little disappointed.
I expected them to be disappointed. 
They pulled together as a Church. One lady shared with me, she felt they grew closer while planning the Outreach.
I felt God's presence from the moment I walked into the auditorium. I could see the Holy Spirit in each of those beautiful ladies faces.
Not once did I hear any one of them complain that they had worked so hard, and the expected amount of people didn't show up.
They continued as though they were speaking to a crowd of a thousand.
I can't think of one thing they should do differently for their Outreach next year.
My hat is off the Highlands Christian Assembly. 
The Lord was surely in that place.
Great job ladies. Thank you for allowing me to be a special part of it.


Carol J. Garvin said...

Such is the dilemma for many church events, but the numbers don't equate to the value, do they? Our church ladies had the opposite experience... although they did prepare for a crowd, they expected a moderate response and were surprised at the larger-than-expected numbers. God was there, just as he was at your event, and that's what mattered most. God is good!

(But Katt... you need a spell checker. I laughed out loud at, "The Lord was surly in that place." He's *never* surly! Heehee!)

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

I laughed too when I saw "surly" I know God has a sense of humor---so I'm okay! :D I did NOT read it until after it posted. So the changes I made don't show up---you received the same "surly" one I did!!!!
Thanks for pointing it out!
Love you