Monday, December 20, 2010


We've been friends longer than I can remember, or want to remember. Bobbi is an inspiration to all of us. She's the one who is always positive and usually is the "in charge" of getting us all together.
We used to live within twenty miles of each other, but now we are separated by states.
She emailed the other day to be on the look-out for a package she had mailed several days before.
She always sends us pictures of the last time we met. Sometimes just viewing those photos makes me so homesick for the three of them, but other times I'm grateful to have the memories to reflect on.
Last week she bought each of us a daily devotional. It wasn't so much the book, but the note, instruction she sent with it.
I won't quote it exactly, but what she said made me cry.
She reminded all of us how important we are to each other, and that each morning, as we read the devotional for that day, to think (and pray) for each other.
It's funny how the older we grow, we never tire of our friends. How very blessed we are to have friends who have stuck by us for many years. Friends who love us no matter what.
This morning, I'm sending love to Bobbi, Libby, and Sharon, from me.
If you are blessed to have special friends, don't forget to tell them.
I'm trying to follow Bobbi's lead.


Joylene Butler said...

I spent Saturday afternoon with 9 terrific women. We ate, exchanged gifts, laughed hard, and even cried. It was wonderful. The bad part, we live in the same area and seldom see each other. It was a blessing getting together. Sunday my sides still hurt from laughing so hard.

Merry Christmas, Katt! You are a blessing

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Joy, I have another group of friends, we used to call ourselves the "Golden Girls". We lived close and we got together every month for dinner. Sometimes people we were sitting next to us in restaurants would ask to be moved because we were so loud. And one time I remember someone asking to "join" us because we were having so much fun. I miss them too. Diane, Ronda, Ellie and Harv. Now we are also separated by thousands of miles.
Merry Christmas to you to Joy----love you bunches!

Carol Ann said...

Hi Katt, I linked to your blog through Carol Gavin's blog, Careann's Musings. I saw your novel and ordered it. I cannot remember the title now, duh. Boones... something. I look forward to reading it. Blessings to you...

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Carol Ann,
Thank you so much! So glad to hear from you----