Thursday, December 2, 2010


What giants are you facing? Is it a health issue, are your parents sick, your children, or are you facing the loss of a loved one.
A friend recently shared her parents are both sick. One has the flu and the other in the hospital, not knowing what the problem is. That doesn't seem like a big problem, but if you listen to her, you realize her young son has cancer. But he is in remission now. Although he has been struggling with the disease for about eight years.
Another friend struggles with financial issues. They lost their house, even though she works two jobs and her husband has a job and does additional work at the Church.
Yet another friend is on a cruise. She's so lucky. Maybe, but before you judge her, she got permission from her doctor. She has breast cancer, had a double mastectomy and now has lymph-node cancer and will be facing six month chemo and then radiation the day after she comes home from the cruise.
We each have our own giants to face. Some of us have bigger giants. Today I would love to hear from you, telling me how you helped a friend facing a giant. Did you take her/him to the doctor and sit with them? Did you pray for them? Did you send them a card?
There are so many things we can do for each other. So many ways to help each other "face their giant".
We never know when a "giant" will be lurking just around the corner. We do know that the Lord will be there waiting, loving us and giving us the "armor" we need to face those giants.
Just like the two little boys with the huge boulder in the picture above, when you have a friend help "push", it's not nearly as difficult.


Joylene Butler said...

Life certainly does throw some big boulders at us sometimes. But like your post says, sometimes it's best to rest a while before returning to the big push.

You are so wise, Katt.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Excuse me, did you say I'm wise??? Ha ha===are you drinkin the egg nog?
Yes, life does throw us a curve, and my point today was that just because someone "looks OR sounds" happy==it doesn't mean everything is just great in their lives.
Love you sweetie

Joylene Butler said...

Your post's theme was clear, but I also got the message about the importance of resting, especially during difficult times. Smiling and resting.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

You are so smart Joy----it is about smiling and relaxing. I have no problem with the smiling part---it's the relaxing I'm having trouble with. My husband tells me to slow down and when I'm sitting he asks me if I'll get him a cup of coffee---see why I smile! ha ha

Carol J. Garvin said...

Yesterday I took lunch to share with an elderly relative who has recently come out of hospital. She lives alone and is barely able to cope with her loss of strength and independence. She asked me, "How do you manage to keep going and get so much done?" and I had to laugh, because I really don't get a lot of things done that I either want to or should.

However, her question (and your post) reminds me of when my DH required sudden open heart surgery, and when I had my cancer surgery. Our family were instantly here to support and help, and so many friends jumped in to provide meals, pray for us, put up Christmas lights and shovel snow, etc.

Simple practical help is such a blessing when it's needed, and then at other times just being there with prayers and words of encouragement is more than enough. I think we respond in a pay-it-forward kind of way, doing things for others as they have done or would do for us... as Christ did and expects us to do.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Carol, what a dear you are. I'm sure your relative felt blessed to have you there. I feel the same, when my DH was going through radiation---I couldn't have kept going without the help of our friends. There were there helping me and praying. One precious neighbor cut the grass---I couldn't get the lawn mower started--he saw me, came over and said, I'm going to take this chore on, you've got your hands full. I still remember his kindness!