Thursday, September 30, 2010


Over the years many people have asked me to pray for them. People have said to me, "I'll pray for you." Other people have said "All I can do is pray." And other people have said to me, "God doesn't answer my prayers."
So why pray? Does God answer our prayers? Does HE really listen to me? Does HE listen to you?  I Chronicles 5:20.......HE answered their prayers, because they trusted in Him.
The fact is, God does answer our prayers. However, they may not always be answered the way we want them to be answered. 
I have prayed for so many people over the years. 
I have a prayer journal. I used to write names in that book, and keep track of the people to pray for. As the years have passed, there have been too many names to write in that book. Now, as I've grown older, and hopefully a little wiser, I pray a little differently too. 
There are some prayers that are a request for general health or a temporary situation. There are other prayers that need more of my attention, one's I need to pray without ceasing. There are prayers that I need to turn completely over to the Lord.
A friend asked for prayers for an 18 year old daughter. She was diagnosed with a tumor. Many of us prayed for her complete recovery. The young girl was transferred to a different hospital where the doctors said "there's no sign of the tumor, she was misdiagnosed." I don't think so. God answered our prayers. 
A few weeks ago a man was scheduled for surgery. He needed a stint placed in his heart. Many of us prayed. Before he had the surgery, he was scheduled for more tests. According to the doctor, the man was completely healed, he didn't need surgery at all now. God answers our prayers.
I have asked the people who ask me to pray for them, to keep in touch with me. Now I say to them. "Of course I will pray for you. Let me know how God answers your prayers."
A dear friend, who is battling breast cancer, said to me the other day after I told her I'm praying for her. "You're going to be okay." 
She patted me on the hand, smiled and said, "I'm going to be okay, either way." God answers our prayers. 


Joylene said...

I'll be okay either way. Good words to live by. I have been praying since I was a child. No, God doesn't answer accordingly to how I want Him to. That used to make me angry when I was young. Now I just smile. Today I don't ask Him to fix near as many things as I used to. Today I give thanks for the way things are. I surrender to the moment and feel God's Hand on my life. It's too wonderful a moment for words.

Thanks, Sweet Katt!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Thanks so much Joy. I used to get upset too when I didn't get an answer right away. Now that I'm older (and hopefully wiser) I realize I can't tell God what to do---in fact---why would I want to? So many times in my life I thought I knew the right answers---and I was so wrong---now I'm trying to learn patience-----and you're right too about asking him to fix things---HE already knows what needs to be fixed!
Love you sweetie,

Carol J. Garvin said...

I've learned the truth that God always answers prayer, just not always in the way we expect. Sometimes the healing he brings is to the spirit rather than to the body and in the bigger picture that's a much greater blessing.

I always try to remember that he didn't say he'd give us an easy, problem-free life, just that he'd be with us and strengthen us to cope with the tough times.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Carol, your words are so true. Thanks for your comments. I miss you