Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The "boys" and I got up with the birds this morning. Somewhere between 5:30 and 6. It was still dark, and quiet. There were ripples across the gray lake. I realized the ripples were from the wind. We were protected from the wind, by all the trees surrounding the lake. The "boys" don't pay any attention to anything except each other and the fact that I'm close by. In fact, I'm the one "in charge". I hold their leash and direct them which way to go. From habit, they sometimes get ahead of me.
This morning, as the day was breaking, and the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon I realized how many times I take off in the same direction because it is familiar. How many times does my Father tug on my "leash", trying to direct me to go in a different direction. And I also wonder if I go as easily as the boys go. Does the Lord have to tug or pull on my "leash", or am I a willing follower. I hope it's the latter, because just like the "boys", I know the best and safest way for them to go. They trust me completely. 
Are you resisting, or are you a faithful follower?

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