Friday, July 30, 2010


The birds weren't awake this morning, as I grabbed both leashes, heading out the door for our daily morning walk. In fact it was so early that I was having trouble seeing. I hooked Bailey's leash, and turned to fasten Meko's leash to his collar. Meko keep walking, even though I was pushing the little button to stop him. It didn't retract, and it wouldn't budge. My husband has been going with us, so this morning, I handed Bailey's to him, and I took Meko, broken leash and all. We headed out, and at first Meko was confused by his new freedom. The slight tug he normally feels when the leash retracts wasn't there this morning. He was a new "man". He was completely in control. I held the ten feet of leash in my hands, and gently pulled him back. At first he resisted.The restraint wasn't what he was used to. It made me think about myself. Sometimes I get into a routine, and when there is any variance, I resist. I am such a creature of habit. When I can't spend the usual amount of time writing, reading, or walking the boys, or whatever the "change" may be, I'm not always willing to give in. Just like my precious little boy this morning. It took a while, but he finally walked gingerly beside me and his "brother". My prayer this morning was to learn to be a little more flexible. And not be upset when things don't go as planned. I wonder how long it will take me to learn this new lesson?


JaxPop said...

I'm learning to be more flexible. I enrolled in Yellga classes last month. It's like Yoga but more painful. I can now scratch my shoulder blades with my toes - but I yell every time I do it.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

When I read your comment I laughed out loud! I had to show it to my husband!