Monday, March 29, 2010


There have been times in my life I've felt God's direction and been able to figure out why HE did what HE did. Then there are other times I've been moved by the Holy Spirit and not understood at all. The Lord sent a young girl my way. A child who has been abused horrifically. In fact, I have never heard of an animal being tortured more than she has been. But through God's grace she was able to survive. In the midst of the trial against her parents she was placed in a foster home where she suffered more abuse. My prayers every morning have been for the Lord to lift her up and protect her. She was able to be at the hospital the night her brother died, but the caseworker dropped her off and forgot her. He passed away around 3 a.m. She left the hospital on foot because she is too young to drive. She walked in the rain and "a nice man" stopped in a truck to pick her up. He offered her food. Her guardian angel prevented her from getting into that car. She called me the next morning and I begged her to go walk back to the hospital and call her therapist, and then call me to let me know that she got in touch with her. I hung up the phone and prayed. Then I turned to my husband and said, "why would the Lord put me her in my life only to have her thousands of miles away. I can't help her." My husband had no answers either. I continued to pray and as the day progressed, her therapist canceled her appointments,and drove to the hospital to pick her up. Because she had been walking in the rain for hours wearing only a sweatshirt, she developed bronchitis. Her therapist first took her back to the foster home. But while she was there, realized my little friend wasn't the only child in that home who was being abused. The therapist removed two other children. But she broke all the rules and took my little friend to her own home. My little friend was wet down to her tennis shoes and socks, and very cold. By then she had also developed a deep cough. The therapist got permission from the judge to keep my little friend as an emergency until she could find another safe shelter. She took her into her own home, took her back to the emergency room for treatment, and kept her safe the rest of the weekend. I sat thinking about the situation, praying when the Lord smacked me in the head. "You don't have to physically be there to "help" her. You have to pray. I will take care of her. I am her heavenly Father." That's right Lord. You sent the first Guardian Angel preventing her from getting into that truck and the second Guardian Angel (her therapist) I prayed for. You also orchestrated the weekend where she was safe, and warm and had food to eat. You arranged for her to get treatment and medicine. Like the birds of the field. You are watching out for her. I need to be where-ever I am, praying to You and thanking You. Yes Lord, it takes me a long time. But now I understand. You are in control. You are looking out for this precious child. My "job" is to be her earthly Mom for now. To listen to her and encourage her. To guide her. To love her, like no one ever has before. It's my job to teach her about you. She told me during one of our first conversations that I was the first person who had ever told her "God loves you." I get it Lord. You are in charge, You are in control. And I love the way you took care of her this week-end. Even if I was thousands of miles away. You were right there with her the whole time. She knows that now too.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Katt -

There truly is no distance in prayer. I'm glad this girl has you in her life.

Susan :)

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Thanks Susan. I've learned so much from her!
Blessings and hugs

Jodie said...

Oh, Katt. How incredible God's work is. Thank God for you and your willingness to pray. He is so amazing...

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Jodie, thanks for your comments. I love how God uses us, even when we aren't aware!

Diane Markins said...

This is such a vivid, vibrant demonstration of how God never leaves us hopeless, helpless or without purpose. He calls others to physically come to our rescue. He begins to give us a vision for better things to come...and for those of us who aren't "wandering in the dark, cold night" He calls us to intercede for others. There is so much power in that and it replaces fear or feelings of uselessness (especially for those who are homebound, ill or elderly)! Pray and pray some more. God is listening and able to meet every need. Wonderful post Katt!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Thanks Diane!
Hugs, Katt