Sunday, November 1, 2009


Even though I spend most of my day praying, I am asking myself this morning, how much of that time is a sacrifice? Am I just "praying on the run", in between assignments? When I have time? Or do I actually sit down, shut the rest of the world out and Offer to God a sacrifice of praise-the fruit of lips that confess his name. Hebrews 13:15. I sit every morning, before the rest of my world is awake, watch the sun come up and read my Bible. I have a special time with the Lord. But, today I'm thinking that's not enough. When I think of the sacrifice God made for me, giving His son for my sins, just a few minutes a day in prayer hardly seems worthy. I am also learning the more time I spend in prayer, the easier it is to perform the tasks I had lost sleep over. There are days, I wake up, make the coffee, take the dogs out and look at my calendar before I sit to pray. I started a new routine a few weeks ago. When I look at my calendar, I give it to the Lord. I pray, "What are WE going to do today Lord? What is it You want me to do. Is it anything on that calendar?" Of course I'm not talking about doctor appointments, or anything of that nature, but writing assignments. I feel a peace come over me. I am able to sit and write, whether it is my latest wip, or a proposal for my new book. HE is ever present. There are days I imagine crawling into His lap, and just "resting" for a bit. HE always gives me the strength to carry on. No matter how crazy that calendar of mine looks.

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