Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I settled into my desk chair and my eyes trailed to the flashing display, missed call. Before I retrieved that call I pushed back in my chair and reflected who it could be. I wondered at the time, how many times has God called me, and I "missed His call?" How many times in my life did I "not answer His call?" How many times did I not return His call? How many times have I left Him waiting? I sit here at this desk, in the early morning darkness, waiting for the sun to come up. Often times I pray, or just get lost in His word. Listening for His voice to guide me through out my day. Many days when He is trying to talk to me I am distracted with my own agenda. The phone rings, someone knocks on the door. I glance at my calendar and realize I have to be somewhere in a few hours, am I prepared for the meeting, or whatever it is I need to do? A friend reminded me yesterday, the reason I hear HIS voice so often in the middle of the night is because that's the only time He can get my undivided attention. This morning as I prepared for my day, I asked for HIS forgiveness. I asked the Lord to help me with all those little distractions, those "missed" calls. I'm also reminding myself, I have flesh, I'm human. I have two dogs who don't know the rules. I'm praying, "I'm trying Lord, to stay focused on YOU. I'm praying You will guide me and attempt to "call" me one more time. In closing, that's a comforting thought, knowing that He will call me "one more time." John 10:27-My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.


Dawn said...

I enjoy your blog. And added it to my favorites. That little dog is adorable too! ♥

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Dawn, thanks so much. Do you mean my precious little guys, or the "Daily Puppy?"