Monday, November 23, 2009


From time to time I like to tell myself I'm in charge here. But no one seems to pay much attention to me. In fact, Meko, a Maltese (on the left), is asleep on my desk as we speak. I'm starting to think that's not a normal thing. How many of you let your dog sleep on your desk? He runs through the house chasing the ball I throw, or brings me his rope to play tug of war. I jerk on the rope, as he tugs from the other end until he's tired and ready for a nap. I throw his ball several times, he chases it and then comes and stretches his legs on the side of my chair, willing me to pick him up. From there, it's down hill. He flops on the top of my desk and sleeps. From that vantage point he is able to see out all the windows. So I'm thinking he thinks he can "guard" the house. He still has that little puppy bark. You know the one. He sounds like a wind-up toy. In fact, when he barks at people outside the window they laugh. I don't think he realizes they are laughing at him. Only another dog lover will be able to relate to my story. I've probably lost my mind when it comes to my two dogs. They are part of our little family. Do your dogs cause you problems, if so what kinds of problems. My dogs are just precious little creatures. They have me twisted around their little "paw". And then there's Bailey, the cute little Westie (on the right). They love each other. Bailey is as independent as a cat. When I want to shower him with affection, he looks at me like he has better things to do. However, about once a month he'll let me pet him and fuss over him. Meko is on my lap all the time. They are both a joy to my husband and me. We love our "boys". Yup, my husband is just as crazy as I am about them, so it works for us. Tell me your crazy dog story. I love to hear them.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I totally understand, Katt. I love my dog and my cats. Pretty boy lays on a filing cabinet beside me, set up so he can look out the window. Bandit, a Siberian husky, tries to crawl under my desk, but he's too big.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

The amazing thing to me is, they (the dogs) both think they're human! I swear---the looks I get from either one of them at times makes me laugh.
This morning about 6:30, the sun was starting to come up, I was outside with them---waiting for them to do what they do outside-----I usually water the flowers, because it takes them so long to smell every blade of grass.

Carol J. Garvin said...

As a breeder of purebred Shetland Sheepdogs for 35 years we've lived with a lot of dogs, always in the house with us, not in a kennel -- sometimes as many as five but usually two or three at a time. My parents used to have Labradors and we have now had two of them as well. Every one of our dogs, while exhibiting typical breed characteristics, has also had its own distinctive personality. They've all had championships and/or obedience titles but, while the training should have meant *we* were in charge, except for in the ring they always knew they were. :)

As for favourite places, one Sheltie loved to sleep on our bed, curled up against the back of my knees. She was the only one ever allowed on the bed. The others knew it and never asked. I think it was a security thing for her. Another loved to lay on the recliner *beside* my husband, but never on his lap. All of them took their turns keeping my feet warm underneath my desk as I worked -- whoever got there first was the privileged one for that session and they never rumbled about it.

Each one has been a special member of the family, loved almost as much as our children. (We've never had cats because of family allergies.) Right now we have only the one Lab... the first time since the mid-1970's that we've only had a singleton.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

I love Shelties. Some people don't realize they aren't collies. I have a couple friends who have Shelties and I love their unique personalities. They are beautiful dogs. I've always had Rottweilers until now. My heart still warms at the thought of them. Two of my Rotties lived well past their "expected" time. One was 12 when he died and the other one 10. I think the most I ever had at one time was three. They were all well over 100 pounds, so it was like living with three other people!

Carol J. Garvin said...

Our current black Labrador is over 90 lbs., so when he warms my feet he *really* warms them. :)

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Carol, Your story reminded me of my own Sadie. She died a few years ago, but I still smile when I remember some of her "tricks". I sometimes sat on the floor, facing the fireplace, with my feet stretched out in front of me on a cold Ohio evening. That seemed to trigger an alarm in her head that she was a lap dog. Yup and she would always try to sit on my lap. I weigh about 110 and she weighed about 140. So there wasn't much lap to hold her. But I always laughed at her attempt to get closer to me.
Happy Thanksgiving to you my sweet friend.
Love you