Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What gives you pleasure in life? Is it walking on a beach? Or sitting and watching the sun go down? When I think of all the things that make me happy, I have to smile. Walking on a beach is one of them. And when you think about walking on a beach, don't you smile when you conjur up all those memories? Maybe you've never walked on a beach, and felt the cool sand under your feet. I love watching the sun go down over the water. I also love to sit in my office, praying and watching the sun come up.
The sky changes color several times. It starts out inky black, transforms to gray, and then a brillant red, orange explodes across the horizon. In what seems like just a few minutes it changes to a robins egg blue.
Whatever it takes to make you happy, bring joy to your life, that's where you need to be. Every day. Yes, every day. Just for a few moments, take time to feel the joy in your life. Our lives are short, but a vapor.
Read a book, write a book, bake cookies, call a friend, watch a movie. Go on a date with your husband, walk your dog.
Let me know what makes you happy. If it's baking cookies, I'll send you my address.
I love you all.


JaxPop said...

Hiya Katt - As you already know, the beach is one of my favorites. Outta town now but did manage to get a nice place for the month right on the beach. "Temp home" Have not seen a beachside sunrise yet - I leave too early. I must be too easy going - all kinds of stuff makes me happy. Some say I lead a charmed life - I say I'm blessed, but totally undeserving. In any case - I bee da jolly mon!

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Dave, you are DA JOLLY MON! I was outside this morning with the "boy" Meko and Bailey waiting for them to do what they do outside in the morning and I glanced towards the east. It took my breath away. Along the horizon was the brightest orange and in literally minutes light gray sky appeared, like "here I am, ready for the day."
Have a save trip home, I know you're family misses you too!