Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I don't know about you, but in the past few months my in box has been flooded with "free offers". We have received free lunches, dinners, shopping sprees at Walmart and Home Depot. They want me to fill out a short survey to tell him how they are doing. Not to mention the latest scam, we are millionaires. I don't know how many emails I have received telling me, all I have to do is give them my phone number, my address, my full name and I can't remember what else, so that they can deposit 200 million dollars into my account. I learned that I have relatives I didn't know I had in another country who also want to deposit 10 or 15 million dollars in my account. Unfortunately I am also hearing from people who present themselves as the Pastor of a church, telling me one of the parishioners has passed away, and found me, a long lost relative, and they will be depositing hundreds of millions of dollars into an account in my name. Another one just today said Fed-Ex would deliver an ATM card from Africa. He also told me the President of "my" country had authorized me to be one of the recipients of this windfall. Well, don't call me asking for a loan, because we didn't really win the lottery. We're still like everyone else on the block, just happy to be alive and well.


JaxPop said...

Katt - Do ya think anyone ever really believes that stuff? I'm as Irish as Patty's pig (enough German to screw up the name) but so far I've received emails from Uncle Naboui - Achmed - Yannagaggasometingorother(?).... brutal - not to mention the ones that say 'Dear One'. The best is Urgent Needed Is Your Reply. DOH! Hope I'm not related to anyone that writes that poorly. "Special Awfer" is also a good one. I never open them or respond. Me? Win a shopping spree in Walmart? No thanks - I'd rather try bullfighting in a blindfold.

joylene said...

But somebody has to win. They list names. I'm sure they're all very honest people and if they say you won a million dollars then you must have won a million dollars. Because everybody knows, if it's in the mail, then it must be true.

I'm going off to dance in the tulips now.

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Dave, they come to my spam email---so I just delete them at the end of the day, but it just seems I'm getting more or them all the time. I thought if you didn't respond to them, they would go away. Today I got one from a "nic, laed, who is lookin for a nic, laed to be frends with!!!! I think I'll respond to this one!!! ha ha

Kathryn Neff Perry said...

Joy, you are too funny!!!! Of course somebody has to win---and why does one person need 200 million dollars? Is that a lot???? Today, I think I'll sit out front, wait for the mail AND the Fed Ex guy (who will be delivering my atm card) and maybe while I'm waiting I'll write a little shopping list for Walmart---after all I did win a shopping spree there too! Don't forget dinner at Olive Garden!!! Boy, oh boy, what a day!!!!