Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Just a Phone Call Away

We live in a hurting world. I met several people this morning who are looking for jobs. In this economy, that's quite a task, trying to find a job. I think even if you are skilled, the task is difficult. I read an article regarding the publishing world. It seems that field is not exempt either. I talked to a mother this morning who has been driving her son around trying to find a job. She said I have become the chauffeur now for both my sons. One of them had to move back in with me. She continued, "he lost his job, he couldn't pay the rent, he has two babies. What could I do?" I know it's hard to stay upbeat and positive when everything looks so bleak. It has to get better. One of my friends was having a difficult time. It seemed as though not much was going "right" in her life. I told her, "remember when we were six years old and our bike had a flat tire?" That was a big deal. It just about ruined the day. Today, a flat tire on our bicycle would make us laugh!!!!! And it could be taken care of in no time. Problems today just keep on coming. Until you feel like you can't handle one more thing. Even though problems keep mounting, don't forget you can always count on your friends. Pick up the phone, share your concerns with them. They'll be there for you. One of my friends always reminds me, "I'm just a phone call away." I try to be that kind of friend too.

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