Friday, August 21, 2009


My husband and I realized the other day that maybe we need to get a life. It would seem our lives now revolve around two little guys who have won our hearts. That would be Bailey and Meko. When either of us leave, the other one is calling to tell each other a funny story one of them just did. We don't like to go out to eat any more, because we can't take "the boys" with us. We arrange "play" dates with other dog owners and sit and watch our friends, who are just like ourselves, make fools of ourselves over our four legged friends. We have pictures of our dogs in our wallets. I have dog treats in my purse. We sign greeting cards that include our dogs names. My office wall is plastered with a calendar or pictures of Bailey or Meko. They are everywhere. The floor in the house is cluttered with stuffed animals or little dog chew toys. They have a basket at the end of the couch where all their toys are supposed to be. My husband and I finally admitted to each other we may be in trouble when friends stopped by the other night to see Meko. I told them to "sit-stay." My husband drug the ironing board out to press a pair of pants. My first reaction was to tell him what a "good boy" he is. But he beat me to the punch. When I made a comment about him ironing, he smiled at me and said, "I'm housebroken."

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Carol Garvin said...

Your post gave me such a chuckle! I can relate to the cookies in my purse (and my pockets), dog toys scattered throughout the house, etc. We've lived most of our lives with dogs... with anywhere from one to five at a time since I bred, trained and exhibited Shelties for over 30 years. We've also acquired a Lab now, and he's worse than all our others put together when it comes to loving his toys.

It's funny how our canines become additional children in the family, isn't it? People sometimes ask me what I do with all our dogs when we go on holiday and are amazed when I say we take them with us. "Why wouldn't we? They're part of the family."

Thanks for sharing this.