Friday, July 3, 2009


Two of our grandchildren were here visiting this week. Our oldest grandson and our oldest granddaughter. They are cousins, so that may be one reason they get along pretty well. I reminded them before they came, we live in a retirement community and there's not much to do. Since they are 15 and 17, I forgot about cell phones. Theirs were glued to their hands. They amaze me. They were able to carry on a conversation with us, watch a movie, eat dinner, go shopping at the mall, all while carrying on conversations with several of their friends via text messaging. Talk about multi-tasking. Teenagers give new meaning to the word. In spite of the fact that "we live in a retirement community" we were busy almost every minute. I didn't realize all the things we could find to do. We took them to the airport this morning, in fact, they are already home. The week flew by and I miss them. I miss the noise, I miss watching their fingers fly on the keyboard of their cell phone. I miss the laughter and the questions, "what are we going to do now"? This week reminded me how quickly they grow up. They have their own friends and their own life. It's interesting to watch them, knowing they are at the beginning of their life and the new issues they are facing, while my husband and I are faced with the challenges of end of life issues. Funny how it works. We should be given the knowledge we have now when we are younger. I'm not sure I would have made more intelligent decisions. Our grand kids are home now, texting to their friends about the time they had with us, while I am "texting" to all of you about the great week we had with them. Well, maybe our issues aren't that different. Except now, I'm looking forward to an afternoon nap. Do you think they are taking a nap this afternoon? I didn't think so. I'm just thankful they still have time for us.

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