Sunday, July 5, 2009


Every year I hear myself say, wow, those are the most beautiful fireworks I have ever seen. This year was no different.
I started the day helping a friend with a mini project at Church. My husband left very early to play golf. The plan was for me to join him and his buddies and their wives for a picnic after the round of golf. Shortly after I returned from the church my husband called to tell me both the wives were playing golf and invited me to join them on the back 9. Since I can't play, an old back injury, I ride the cart with him. I'm the designated cheer leader. I love being with all of them. After golf we all retired to the club house for the feast.
Last evening we had planned to go downtown to watch the fireworks. We took Bailey for a walk early in the evening and people were already celebrating with fireworks displays of their own. Our poor little dog was about to have a heart attack. He wanted to go home and into the bathtub!
We found two different channels with 4th of July celebrations. What fabulous and amazing displays. They lit up the sky. My husband and I were glued to the tv. About 10 o'clock last night we heard an explosion. I jumped up, knowing it was another 4th celebration. We sat in my office and watched the display downtown that they were shooting over the lake.
We may be retired, but we're still kids at heart. You should have heard us ooing and aawing and pointing, "did you see that one"?
I have one more day, today, to relax before going back to work. I've taken a week off. Where did that time go?
Happy Birthday America!

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