Thursday, June 11, 2009


I read a blog the other day about having a life, outside of writing. I checked the corners of my office, thinking there might be a hidden camera. Was she talking to me?Since I've been working on edits, I have been trying to keep my nose pressed against this monitor. I don't remember the last night we went out for dinner. (He still asks me for dates though) However, if we go out, that means I have to "quit" writing early. When I make dinner here, I can continue writing until the 6 o'clock hour. I haven't been shopping for a while, except groceries. I was supposed to go to a social networking group yesterday for lunch, but printer problems arose while I was printing 76 newsletters to get in the mail for my Women's Ministry group. I've set aside time to read a few blogs, and post a quick comment to them. Write my own blog and update my two web sites. When I "relax" at night I read friends books, who are waiting on reviews or comments.So what does she mean I don't have a life? The timer just went off. Take a deep breath and get back to editing.

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