Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sometimes words slip out in anger. We say things we didn't mean to say. There are also times we react and don't realize how our words can hurt. I'm just as guilty, especially in traffic or in line anywhere. I'm anxious to move on. At times one word uttered from our lips momentarily, can impact someones life. A friend shared a story with me the other day regarding a letter she had received from a family member years ago. The letter was full of vitriolic admonitions. My friend shared that over the years she pulled that letter out and re-read it. Causing her much pain. She finally admitted several months ago she destroyed the letter and stopped shedding tears from so long ago. It's okay to be critical of family or friends, when asked for your opinion, as long as you offer hope with that criticism. Give the person something positive to hang on to. This morning I learned of a very sad story. A mother berated her young son. Reminding him daily of his unworthiness, reminded him he was a liar and a bad boy. Never offering hope or positive direction. She found that child, he hung himself. She read the note he left, "I'm a bad boy." Be careful what you say. I love you, thanks for stopping by today. Katt

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