Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome Home Cory

I just learned fabulous news. A fellow writer friend just let us know her son is on his way home from the war! The other good news is, he is getting married. I love happy endings, don't you? As a writer, I have control of "my destiny" AND "my endings". Maybe that's one of the reasons I love writing. I can "fix" things. I can turn the worst situation into something wonderful. Everybody is happy and healthy. While reading one of the workbooks the other day, Donald Maass said, 'sometimes you need to kill the protagonist". Well, not in my world. He's telling me if I want to write a great novel, bad things have to happen. I supposed that's true. You need a little suspense. In fact, another "coach" says you need "something" to happen on every page, just to keep readers, reading. I supposed I need to save all the happy endings for my blog. He's right, there needs to be suspense and tension to keep people reading. If not tension, it would read like "see Spot run, Run Jane, Run. I'm celebrating with Cory's family. And rejoicing too. Congratulations Joy! What fabulous news.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Thanks so much, Katt. I'm crying every day from sheer relief and joy. Reminds me of what my pastor said years ago. I was named JOYlene because I recognized the blessings of Jesus, Others and You.

Wasn't that nice? Because here I am years later blessed by a wonderful, lovely family and just the best friends a girl could ever want.


Kathryn Neff Perry said...

I think what is even more amazing than that is how the Lord brought us together. Your joys and concerns are now mine too. I can't wait for Cory to return to your family----Let me know
Love you